The world is constantly facing issues that threaten to alter the lives of all living things on it. The majority of these issues are caused by us, yet we look at others for solutions. The UK has recently been in political turmoil with Brexit dividing the nation and politicians causing an ongoing saga of confusion. Social media has exploded in recent years with comments on gender diversity and equality, using images as a way to campaign against gender stereotyping. 3rd world countries across the world face a constant battle against poverty, fuelled by the capitalist culture of the worlds richest countries, which in turn look to their populations to provide aid. Newspapers are constantly reporting on the damage plastic is doing to our environment, and the damage fossil fuels are doing to the climate and our breathable air. Some argue designers have a social responsibility to react, commentate and display these issues to an ignorant society. Create a campaign of images that represent your chosen issue.

I decided to focus on mental health, and how it can be hidden yet still in plain sight. I named this campaign "Who cares, who knows?" as its often hidden and people don't realise it. 
There are 5 images. The first is a bottle of alcohol hidden in words, often alcohol is used to stop the feeling of depression. The second is in two guys upset, as there's stigma over men showing their emotions. The third is a girl with her demons creeping up on her, as with depression there is nowhere to hide from your demons. The fourth is a prescription for anti-depressants, because any people need these to help get through the day, but unless you see someone take them you'd never know. Finally, image five is of a pillow made of words, many with depression are often tired or just want to be alone, and typically are found in their room - which is their safe place. ​​​​​​​
After this campaign I posted it to Facebook with a link to Mind, as well as a fundraising link. I raised £65 for the charity, and hope to work with them in the future about awareness of depression and mental health issues.

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