A branding campaign designed for a new fictional Northampton brewery. We have a passion for brewing and use local ingredients to create the finest tasting beers and ciders around. Our USP (Unique selling point) is tradition with a modern twist. The market is flooded with trendy brands and packaging already, so we need something different to help us be competitive in the independent shops and bars that we'll be selling our drinks into.

The design is a stags as they are majestic animals, considered the kings of the forest. Our target audience was urban 20-30 year olds, who are tech savvy. Urban stag represents this as a fresh, different type of cider - which anyone, especially the target audience, can enjoy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The caps are simple with just the flavouring represented with the berry, a visual cue, rather than having text to explain the contents of the bottle.

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