Typo is hosting a number of designers to give lectures. Select two designers (from a list of 10) and create a poster celebrating and promoting the event.

The first designer is Margaret Calvert, with the lecture Caution: Women at Work. I chose to use a road sign as inspiration for the poster, in the Calvert typeface used on all road signs. Margaret Calvert was a big part of designing British road signs, and is still used today. this shows how inspirational she was and how her work was impactful. 
The second designer I chose was Herb Lubalin. He was a typographical designer, designing type and logos for famous brands as well as television shows. The lecture was called 100, and was given by Adrian Shaughnessy. The 100 was placed like that as a copy of some of Lubalin's work as that is a style that he used. ​​​​​​​

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