‘Most of us know the gist, if not the details, of the climate change crisis. And yet it is almost impossible to sustain strong feelings about it. David Wallace-Wells has now provided the details, and with writing that is not only clear and forceful, but often imaginative and even funny, he has found a way to make the information deeply felt. This is a profound book, which simultaneously makes me terrified and hopeful about the future, full of regret and new will’ Jonathan Safran Foer
Timely and provocative, this New York Times and Sunday Times bestselling book has helped climate change to take centre-stage in our everyday news, coinciding with new green movements lead by Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg.
The cover design needs to reflect the themes and message of the book in a clear and engaging way and appeal to the broadest possible audience.

My concept was to show the toxic environment we are making for our planet, with a striking image to shock the audience into reading. I used the space/planetary theme as I thought it best represented the book, as well as pieces of information, showing we must act. I took inspiration from Peter Kennard's anti-war design with a gas mask, however didn't want to plagiarise his work, so had my own take on the style of my cover.

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