18-26 year olds with a casual interest in news. They will be curious about the world, hold progressive values and be keen to seek out new information and ideas. They’re digitally native and consumers of content across multiple devices. Whilst they have less disposable income than older millennials and Gen Z, they’re willing to pay for quality content. They’re ethically and environmentally minded, willing to vocally or financially support causes they believe in.
We know we have a younger audience that visit (just under 50% of our website visitors are under 35), but we know that towards the lower end of that demographic we struggle to convert readership into support and funding. We know there is a potential target audience in the UK of young, curious, progressive minds who we should be speaking to and engaging for the future. And we have a number of products and editorial areas that could be right for them.
The challenge is… How do we reach young people in a compelling and interesting way to inspire them to read and enjoy The Guardian?

I decided to use tech jargon that the youth of today understand and use in the daily speech. Such as charging a phone, switching on and turning down the volume. The background of each post has actual Guardian headlines relevant to the poster. I redesigned icons, the volume button, charging port and plugs. In addition to the digital campaign, I also created lanyards and a stand which would be used at student fairs and would help to attract an audience.
These are the social media posts, as well as a snapchat advertisement which also links to the website. Below are other outcomes, such as posters, the website, a stand as well as additional merchandise including lanyards.

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