To create a title sequence and video about your safe place. 

​​​​​​​When I created the original video, I was so afraid of sharing parts of my personal life. I’ve spent my whole life being strong and not showing people my vulnerable side, therefore I am not used to opening up and showing it. I do show emotions to people I feel comfortable with, but when I’m asked to share in front of 20 people, of which 15 of them I do not know well, I just put up my guard. 
This project has not only taught me to trust in myself and my abilities, but also that sharing emotions and being open isn’t always a bad thing. Being strong 100% of the time doesn’t allow for my sensitive side to show. This project has helped me get a greater understanding of who I am. If I hadn’t have already done the grateful project, I would have chosen this as the topic. I’m grateful I’m learning who I am and that we are all human. It’s okay to open up.
The song is 'All That I Know' by Cian Durcot.

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