Create your own freelance package as if you were a designer, selling our services as well as promoting yourself.

CRESCENT is a freelance package, which was completely branded and created from scratch. It is the shape of the crescent moon, and has graphical furniture with the differing phases. With a main colour theme of black and white, yellow is also an accent colour along with grey, used for the furniture. 
​​​​​​​I like astrology and am fascinated by its visuals, such as the sun, stars, moon and planets. I decided on CRESCENT because it is a phase of the moon, it is growing - as I would design to help other companies and businesses grow. I decided on a monochromatic theme, with a yellow accent colour for contrast and colour. The graphical furniture is a dropped opacity, of a full mon, waxing crescent, half moon, as well as small dots representing stars.

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