Men ages 35–50 who own expensive and/or performance cars. They are  very conscientious about taking good care of their cars and making their  cars perform the best that they possibly can. Taking care of their cars is a  hobby they spend a lot of time on and are very serious about. They don’t  mind spending a bit more for the best products. What is the ONE main thing we want the consumer to do?  To purchase A-1 Performance Motor Oil on the company website. The brief is an email campaign which would be sent to customers.

OUR APPROACH (collaboration with Matt Garrow-Fisher, copywriter and career change coach)
Once we had decided on this brief, we both went and thought of different concepts. As a copywriter, Matt handled the content, and I, the design. Upon multiple meetings, we settled on an approach as if the car is a member of your family - how you'd treat it right and care for it like a child. After selecting the correct car images off of, I edited them to help create a similar environment, as the cars were all in scenic destinations.Once placement was decided, the colour banner was added, in addition to the oil can, and the type.

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